The Organization of Real Time Brokers Implementing Technology
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“ORBiT brings stakeholders together so that

we can collaborate to improve the efficiency

of the broker distribution channel and 

address the challenges facing our industry"


Wendy Watson

President, ORBiT Canada

About Us

ORBiT is a grass roots organization of brokers, carriers and vendors working together to strengthen the broker distribution channel in the Canadian P&C insurance industry.

Our mission: To facilitate collaboration and education between all stakeholder in the broker distribution channel, for the advancement of Real Time, once and done transactions  to drive efficiencies by way of best practice workflow following industry standards.

Our Goals

  • To educate all stakeholders on Real Time workflows
  • To have all stakeholders work together to implement Real Time workflow and solutions to improve efficiencies and service levels, reduce costs, improve profitability and increase sales
  • To facilitate more open communication between all stakeholders
  • To create a forum for brokers to speak with a unified voice
  • To work with CSIO to continually improve standards for all lines of business   

Our Core Values

  • It is about workflows not technology, so members are required to check their system at the door to be able to keep an open mind to improve Real Time for our industry
  • We will not put one BMS/Vendor ahead of another
  • All recommendations for Real Time workflows must be SEMCI – single multi-company interface
  • All transactions follow CSIO standards, including the data format standard and the data transport standard
  • All transactions must start and end in the heart of the brokerage, the BMS   

Our History and Growth:

ORBiT Canada was founded in 2009 by a group of passionate individuals who believed that collaboration was the key to addressing the challenges faced by the industry.

From these humble beginnings, ORBiT’s membership has grown to include over 80 brokerages representing 6,000+ brokers with over $5.3B in premium volume across Canada with 11 carriers and 10 technology vendors.


ORBiT is also proud to acknowledge our sponsor IBM.