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“ORBiT's members are its greatest strength.

It is the teams of volunteers working together

for our mutual benefit that will make

Real Time a reality for the industry."


Wendy Watson

President, ORBiT Canada

Membership Renewal

Membership fees may be paid by cheque or via the Online Membership Renewal Payment Form below.  To complete the online payment process you will need your Invoice Number and credit card information
Powered by Policy Bill
Online Payment Instructions:

1.  Click on Online Membership Renewal Payment Form  to open the Payment panel

2.  Click the link:  Make a payment without a Policy Payment ID

(Do not enter a Policy Payments Id or Postal Code )


3.  On the resulting form, complete the following fields:

Name Insured on Policy – enter your organizations’ name

First Name / Last Name – enter your primary contact name

Phone number - enter your primary contact phone number

Email – enter your primary contact email id (for payment confirmation email)

Invoice number – from your ORBiT membership invoice

Brokerage Volume:  approximate premium volume(used in determining the appropriate membership fee)


     Click Submit



4.  On the resulting form, complete the following:

Email Receipt: defaults to “Yes”, set to “No” if preferred

Amount:  Enter your membership fee amount from your ORBiT membership invoice

Credit Card Number: enter the number of the credit card to be charged

Expiration Date:  enter the credit card expiration month and year


     Click Process Transaction



5.  You will receive a confirmation message.  If requested, you will also receive a confirmation email.



Thank you for your payment.