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I have been a member of ORBiT for a number of years because it provides opportunities that no other organization or forum does. As a broker, my main competition isn’t other brokers. It’s the banks, direct writers and the ones that haven’t shown up yet, such as Google or Amazon. The only advantage these competitors have over the broker channel is price and immediacy, not quality, of their service. They gain those advantages because of the efficiencies of dealing with only one system and one product. 

ORBiT is the only place where brokers, insurers, BMS vendors and other support service companies can get together to discuss how to make our distribution channel more efficient, so we can better compete. Our office doesn’t deal with all of them but our channel needs all of them to cooperate on an industry solution to foster greater efficiencies. It allows me the opportunity to talk and influence companies because we meet with all the right people. It also allows me to learn from others who are using best-in-class processes. 

What I have learned by being a member of ORBiT has made my brokerage more profitable and allowed it to grow faster.

Rick Dresher, B.Comm, Msc.Pl., CRM, CAIB


Affiliated Insurance Management Inc.

“ORBIT provides brokers with a stronger national voice to ensure that our issues are clearly communicated to our insurance company and technology partners.  ORBIT's values reflect those of the Broker distribution channel in our united goal to improve efficiencies and streamline workflows.”  



Laura J. Hill

Vice President

Marsh Canada Ltd.

“Participating with ORBiT provides us with a unified, strong Broker voice and ensures that we are focusing our development resources on the workflow priorities that are important to our broker partners” 



Bryan Bedford

Peel Mutual Insurance

“ORBIT brings insurance companies, vendors and brokers together, to move the real-time workflow change agenda forward, to make certain that the broker distribution channel is the decisive winner in the Canada P&C marketplace. No other organization has this grass routes dedication and commitment to the future of real-time.”  


Jamie Martyn


Kennedy Insurance Brokers inc.

“ORBiT plays an important role by providing a common voice for the broker community.  This is very important in helping us prioritize our initiatives to provide the greatest benefit to our broker partners.”



Ed Meiering

VP Business Development

Aviva Insurance Canada

“The involvement of The CG&B Group Inc. with Orbit has been of tremendous benefit in the exchange of information surrounding today's technology issues for Brokers.  The opportunity to interact with our Broker clients assist in keeping us current on the subject in relation to errors and omissions exposures.”


Hugh Fardy

Senior Vice President

The CG&B Group

“Participating in ORBiT initiatives has provided iter8 with direct insights into priorities and processes at the front line within our broker community, affording us an opportunity to shape end-to-end technology solutions that are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of all of the stakeholders.”



Debbie Olsen

VP - Product Innovation


“ORBiT’s true value is its ability to engage thought leaders from across the industry and provide a forum for open dialogue regarding broker/carrier interaction.  Only through candid conversation and collaboration will the industry navigate the increasing and diverse pressures on the broker landscape.” 



Charles Samolczyk
Vice President - Product Sales
Brovada Technologies Inc.

“In the challenging world of running a business, ORBiT offers great value for carries, vendors and above all brokers to understand technology as it affects business processes.”




Ken Metcalfe

Director IT

Portage Mutual Ins.