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"ORBiT members work together to create
best practice workflows and educational
programs that will increase the adoption of
Real Time in Canada."

Wendy Watson

ORBiT President

What we do

A Focal Point for Collaboration

ORBiT Canada brings together the stakeholders in the Canadian broker distribution channel to collaborate to advance the Real Time Agenda. 

There are two primary primary products of that collaboration:

Best Practice Workflows - for the implementation of Real Time in the broker environment

Educational Programs and Resources  - to support the rollout of Real Time

In addition, ORBiT provides a strong unified voice for the broker community on issues affecting the industry. 

What is Real Time?

Real Time refers to the ability for brokers and insurance companies to share information and conduct transactions in Real Time so that the end customer is able to interact with their broker without delays caused by the interactions between brokers and insurance companies.  

For example, Real Time is the ability to click on a button from a client file in your brokerage management system or comparative rater for immediate access to carrier information on that client.


ORBiT believes that the key to achieving Real Time is the use of Best Practice Workflows and supporting technology. 


The Real Time movement has been gaining momentum across the industry as brokers, carriers and vendors work together to eliminate unnecessary delays. 

What are Best Practice Workflows?


One of ORBiT’s primary activities is the development of Best Practice Workflows to improve the efficiency of the Broker Distribution Channel.  Best Practice Workflows are business processes that define an efficient, technology agnostic set of steps to achieve a business objective (e.g. “make a payment”). 

These workflows are developed by Working Groups of volunteers from member organizations, including brokers, insurance companies and BMS vendors.  The specific topics that ORBiT addresses are determined by polling ORBiT’s membership to identify their top priorities. 

Adoption of ORBiT’s Best Practice Workflows is voluntary, but they are available for use to all members of the industry. 

Hear ORBiT President Wendy Watson on Best Practice Workflows

Educational Programs


ORBiT operates a number on initiatives to provide education on the use of Real Time workflow including:

Real Time U - ORBiT has created an online education centre to provide materials to support the rollout of Real Time workflows and to share other resources.  For more info visit Real Time U.


Education Days - Each spring, ORBiT conducts a series of regional education events to promote the rollout of Real Time workflows.  For more info on our next education days events, visit News & Events.  

Working Together to Strengthen the Broker Ecosystem


ORBiT was created to help address the some of the challenges facing the Canadian P&C broker channel.  In particular, we work to improve the timeliness and efficiency of the interactions between brokers and carriers.  We believe that this is important in order to ensure that brokers are able to be responsive to the needs of their customers and are able to run their businesses efficiently and profitably.


We believe that the best way to address these challenges is for the key stakeholders – brokers, carriers and vendors – to work together for the benefit of the industry overall. 

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