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ORBiT Education Days 2013

Check out the videos below on ORBiT's 2013 education event or Go To Education Days Event Page for more information.
Keynote Address #1:  The Empowered Consumer is Here to Stay.  Are You Ready?
Keynote Address #2:  Transitioning for Tomorrow:  How to Thrive in Transition
Breakout Session:       Moving to an e-Environment
Breakout Session:       Transitioning to Real Time
New!     Breakout Session:       Filling the Digital Client Experience Gap

Keynote Address #1:  

The Empowered Consumer is Here to Stay. Are You Ready?

Bill Morris, Senior Partner, Navicom


As insurance customer expectations continue to evolve rapidly, insurance providers must find ways to keep pace…or risk being left behind by innovative, forward looking, customer centric competitors. 


Bill Morris, a Senior Partner at Navicom Inc., shares important insights on the changing landscape both globally and closer to home in Ontario.  Bill also reviews the 2012 highlights of Ontario Broker Customer Engagement and Performance Reporting system that Navicom developed and manages for an increasing number of Ontario brokers.


Find out what you need to know to keep existing and potential customers engaged and loyal.

40 minutes


Keynote Address #2:  

Transitioning for Tommorow:

How to Thrive in Transition

Sean Mulcair, Gradient Solutions


In this keynote presentation from ORBiT’s Education Days 2013, Sean Mulcair of Gradient Solutions looks at how putting the client’s needs first brings energy and purpose to the transition process. 


Discover why it’s important not to fear transition but to embrace the benefits it brings to your clients, staff and operations.  


Learn how applying key aspects of Lean methodology will enable a brokerage of any size to effectively evaluate their current operations and plot a successful course for tomorrow.


Understand why applying both strategic and tactical strategies will allow you to reach your goals and objectives at the end of the process.


Learn how to effectively evaluate the impact changes will have on your operations and what to do to prepare accordingly.  


Review easy and effective tools that can be used to help evaluate and manage transition 


40 minutes


Moving to an e-Environment


In this Breakout Session, ORBiT members share their experiences in implementing initiatives that move them towards a Real-Time e-environment. 


In addition to providing practical tips, they also identify the benefits that they have received from these initiatives.


See what others have experienced and how they have overcome challenges and achieved success. 


46 minutes


Transitioning to Real Time


In this Breakout Session, Sean Mulcair of Gradient Solutions explains how to implement process change with a minimum of risk and effort and risk.


In particular, Sean shares best practices on how to identify and improve inefficient workflows that are adding cost to your operations.  


Learn how reducing cost and freeing-up valuable capacity can help your organization move more rapidly towards Real Time.   


34 minutes


New!  Filling the Digital Client Experience Gap


Facebook, Youtube, ... these giants of the digital world set the bar for the type of online experience that consumers expect.  Unfortunately, those high expectations carry over into thier dealings with their insurance brokers and carriers as well.

In this Breakout session, ORBiT Executive Director John Foreman, who also teaches digital marketing at the University of Toronto, discusses how brokerages can use their website and widely available online tools and techniques, to create a compelling digital world experience for their customers.


47 minutes


Speaker Profile:  Bill Morris


Bill is a Senior Partner at Navicom and has client executive responsibility for Navicom’s largest accounts. Bill has been extensively involved in a variety of different research and measurement initiatives within the Canadian Insurance Industry for over 20 years. He has been working closely with the IBAO and Ontario brokers since 2001.  



Speaker Profile:  Sean Mulcair


Sean H. Mulcair has been working in the insurance industry for over 20 years; he is an established lecturer at McGill University, teaching in their Risk Management department since 1996. He was also appointed Quebec's Best Practices Champion by the IBAC in 2006 and currently works alongside provincial associations bringing informative topic to brokers across Canada. Sean is also a Lean certified facilitator.


Gradient Solutions is an established insurance industry strategist firm, concentrating on process optimization, management coaching and strategic thinking. The GSI team's tactical approach is to study North American industry trends and the unique challenges facing the insurance industry. Over the past 10 years, GSI has worked with Canada's leading insurance brokers, carriers and software providers, helping them reach their goals.