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Insurers, Intermediaries and Interactions

How can insurers serve their customers personally while coping with the broad information and interaction demands of the digital age?


How do they make sure it is their intermediaries that matter?


How should the connections between insurer, intermediary and customer be constructed?


To find out, we surveyed consumers and intermediaries, and interviewed insurers in 17 countries.


What did we learn? 


Visit:  Insurers, intermediaries and interactions  


Get the latest on Smarter Insurance from IBM experts and see the newest ideas, all in one spot!


The Insurance for a Smarter Planet Virtual Briefing Center (VBC) is your doorway to IBM's innovation, thought leadership, and more than 15,000 consultants and developers serving the insurance industry.


We share new ideas and break-through innovation to help your business become smarter along three key dimensions: 


Informed Interaction - Leverage web 2.0 technology and real world event knowledge to drive insight to all customer touch points.


Streamlined Operations - Radically simplify your processes to increase efficiency and yield business agility. 


Resilient Enterprise - Integrate risk management into your core processes, applications, and architectures.


Options for further conversations or discussions 

Halya Rudiak - Market Segment Manager

Alan Caulfeild-Browne - IBM Client Representative - Visit Alan's webpage 


Smarter Insurance LinkedIn network:

We seek the viewpoints of insurance industry experts and professionals to discuss some of the major issues the industry faces and to identify the possibilities for progress and innovation.


Now is the time to build flexible operations:


- to cut costs - to manage risk in real-time

- to support faster product development

- to leverage customer insight in new ways.


Join us in a dialogue on how together we can build smarter insurance operations. This group is an open forum for the exchange of new ideas, education, networking and collaboration.