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ORBiT Real Time Day 2015

Dive into the future at ORBiT Real Time Day 2015, our premier educational event of the year, dedicated to the advancement of Real Time technologies in Canada's broker distribution channel. Take the plunge into Real Time. Make it happen. Make it real.

ORBiT Real Time Days is our premier educational event of the year, dedicated exclusively to the advancement of real time technologies in Canada's broker distribution channel.
See and participate in leading edge sessions on topics such as: telematics, new digital client experiences, electronic signatures, real time workflows available today and how to implement them. RIBO accreditation is pending.
This is a great opportunity to network plus there'll be a vendor exhibition in Toronto and London.
Join us in Ottawa, Toronto, or London. Attendance is open to carriers, brokers, vendors, and other industry players; both ORBiT members and non-members.

Peek into a Sales & Marketing Brokerage


Brian Bartosh, President, Top O' Michigan Insurance

A successful principal shares what happens inside his brokerage that allows them to achieve their sales targets. Brian has distilled his success to taking a risk and focusing on business intelligence to then apply to the sales and marketing side. Seem simple?

‘If You Build It, They Will Come’, or Will They?

Managing Business Transformation By Managing Change


Nina Dhar, leader in change management

Getting people to change what they do or how they do it are challenges in every aspect of our lives. Nina shares that the management of change is really about people being willing to engage in a dialogue to learn the perspective of others and then build solutions that address the pain points they’ve shared.

Change Management Workshop

Change management is a key part of business transformation. Whether a simple change like modifying a workflow or something as complicated as a complete shift in strategy, change management starts with sharing the “why”. We will be led through the principles and learn a model to apply in our office or at home.

Commercial Lines: How do Brokers Ensure They Own this Space?


Moderator: Rick Rass, Consultant

Brian Bartosh, Top O’ Michigan

Kevin Campbell, Policy Works

Steve Kaukinen, Insurance Technology Solutions Inc.

Tom Reid, Aviva Canada

Tracy Maynard, Youngs Insurance

Today, brokers have the advantage in Commercial Lines insurance. However competitors are knocking on this door, so what do we need to do to retain our market share? There was lots of learning for us on the Personal Lines side of the house, so what are going to do differently here for a better result? A diverse panel offers their insight.

How Will Insurance Respond to the Internet of Things?


Moderator: Patrick Vice,

Clinton D'Souza, Deloitte

Colin Simpson, IBAO

Debbie Olsen, ingenie

Hugh Fardy, CG&B

Kim Opheim, Applied Systems

We’ve all heard the term “the Internet of Things”, but have we thought about just how it will impact our industry? Smart homes = few losses = lower premiums. Can these devices be used to remotely cause a loss? How will policies need to change to respond to new and different exposures? Data, data and more data. What does this mean to brokers and their E&O exposures?

The Digital Landscape


Moderator: Christine Haeberlin, IBM

Brian Bartosh, President, Top O' Michigan Insurance

Debbie Olsen, ingenie

Ed Meiering, Aviva Canada

John Belyea, Moore McLean

To stay relevant, we need a strategy for how to engage with each other and with our customers today and into the future, because the world is a-changing. What does it all mean? What is the right strategy; how do we start down the right path: if we’re already on the path, what is next? Are the metrics for measuring success the same or different than today? The train is leaving the station: will you be on it?

eSignatures: What, Why, and How


Moderator: Beth Sigurdson, efficientbroker

Amanda Ketelaars, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

Bill Redford, Keal Technology

David Bell, BrokerLink

Dianna George, Hub International

Pamela Todd, Economical Insurance

When we focus on what will deliver the best experience for our customer, eSignatures is a no-brainer. Strategically, tactically and operationally, it simply makes sense to implement. Experts answer your questions on why, what and how to.

Let's Ask a Carrier

Q&A Panel

Moderator: Wendy Watson, ORBiT

Ed Meiering, Aviva Canada

Kathy Curran, Economical Insurance

Marion Redpath, North Waterloo Farmers Mutual

Bryan Bedford, Peel Mutual

How will carriers respond to the evolving digital world and what does that mean for brokers? The Internet of Things means more data to reduce losses; what does this mean for premiums; what does this shortfall in dollars mean? What threats and opportunities do they see in the next 3-5 years? How will broker/carrier relationships look in the near and far future? What do you want to ask?

Let's Ask a Real Time Expert

Q&A Panel

Moderator: Amanda Ketelaars, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

Beth Sigurdson, efficientbroker

Cheryl LeBlanc, Policy Works

Dianna George, Hub International

Jamie Martyn, Kennedy Insurance Brokers

Rick Dresher, Affiliated Insurance Brokers

Traci Boland, IBAO/Ontario West Insurance Brokers

Real time; once and done; SEMCI; straight-through processing…whatever term speaks to you, that is the topic here. Drive inefficiencies out of insurance transactions to free up resources for client interaction or client-related activities. What do you need to know to use all the transactions available today? Bring your questions. Get ‘r done!

Congratulations to Dwayne Day of Insurance Protection Group, winner of our Apple Watch prize

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