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You'll love exchanging commercial lines data with Policy Works.

Policy Works brokers are exchanging commercial lines data with their insurers on a daily basis with our data exchange functionality. Using CSIO XML commercial lines standards, Policy Works has partnered with 10 insurers - Intact, Aviva, RSA, Economical, Missisquoi, L'Unique, SGI CANADA, Coachman, ICPEI, and The Dominion (available first quarter 2014) – to bring real-time upload and download of commercial lines data. 


What functionality exists today?


There are a number of commercial lines data exchange functionality in use today, including: 


    • straight-through upload of submissions,
    • download of quotation including PDF,
    • portfolio download,
    • real-time wording inquiry,
    • real-time quoting of small package business,
    • policy, billing, and claims inquiry,
    • single sign-on.


Though not all of our data exchange partners are using all of the above mentioned functionality, our partners continue to develop available capabilities. 


Who are we exchanging data with?


How is Policy Works able to do this given the complexity of commercial policies?


Each piece of commercial-lines data entered into Policy Works is coded in a standardized manner. This is the key to successful data exchange. From day one, we have been a strong advocate for the importance of CSIO commercial-lines standards. Using industry-wide standards ensures that everyone is using the same "language" when it comes to representing data. That is, it ensures that what a broker thinks she sends to an insurer through Policy Works is the same as what an underwriter receives.


Using standards has another benefit. The work done by an insurer to map their commercial data to the standards can be used in other data exchange projects. This helps move the entire industry towards more data exchange functionality.


Does data exchange respect my workflow?


Absolutely. For Policy Works customers, the process is fully integrated into the Policy Works workflow. Our second generation data exchange functionality, like straight through processing, bypasses insurer portals when appropriate.

And with participating insurers, Policy Works customers can take advantage of single sign-on. That means no more logging in to your insurers’ portal every time you want to do an inquiry or other function. Our workflow takes you from your Policy Works desktop directly into the insurers’ portal, by-passing login pages.


Is data exchange safe and secure?


Each of our insurer partners works with Policy Works to meet the stringent requirements of our Certified Data Exchange Partner (CDEP) program. To exchange data with Policy Works, each partner must meet specific standards, verification, and security criteria. Why do we do this? Because the integrity and security of commercial data is of utmost importance to us.