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Being Digital in Commercial Lines

What Does this Mean and How Do We Get There?

by Kevin Campbell, CEO, Policy Works Inc.
(Condensed from Policy Works Blog)

When you see “Being Digital” and “Commercial Lines” in the same sentence, it can make you chuckle! It certainly makes you think. It’s hard to imagine two universes further apart: one moving at light speed; the other seemingly stuck in a black hole. At the same time, it can make one feel invigorated because being digital opens up a world of opportunity.

Finding and serving digital customers is the endgame for any digital enterprise. So how do we in insurance connect with and serve these new digital customers? How does this differ for personal and commercial lines? How does it vary by line of business or size of enterprise? What aspects of commercial lines are suited to the digital world? Which will continue to require a traditional approach? How do you effectively translate the broker’s value proposition of choice, advice, and advocacy into the digital world?

These are important questions, yet in the business of commercial insurance very few of us, if any, understand what being digital means. That is a perilous position to be in because digital has the power to transform industries overnight. In this industry, the spoils are plentiful and will surely attract new and unconventional players. As an industry, we need to take this threat seriously and we need to tap into the digital customer before a “born-digital” company enters our universe and sweeps them away.

So where do we start? We have to look at our industry and see what is missing. We need to listen to our customers to understand what they want, what they are hungry for. That’s a job we need to tackle together. As a group, and with continued communication, we can and will come up with a solution.

To that end, please join me and our panel of experts May 5th at Real Time Day. Hear what they have to say and ask questions. I look forward to seeing you. Let’s get the conversation going!

Panel Participants:


  • Anna McCrindell, Vice President, Underwriting, Gore Mutual Insurance Company
  • Cindy Gravelle, Vice President Commercial Lines, Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc.
  • Sam Natur, CEO & President, Bullfrog Insurance
  • Tom Reid, Executive Director, Customer and Digital, Aviva


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