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Burning questions for our annual meeting

by Wendy Watson, President of ORBiT Canada

ORBiT Annual Members' Meeting, Nov 10th, 2015In putting together the agenda for our annual Members' meeting in a couple weeks, I'm delighted by the questions that have come up and will be answered.

Self-Service: What is it exactly that clients want?
One of our panellists shares the experience that drove he and his friends to develop an app that allows claims to be made on the customer's terms. How did their focus on customer experience guide the app's development?
Another panellist will claim some of our focus should be redirected away from our website. Where should that focus go instead?
The third panellist knows how important it is to know thy customer. How has what we need to know about our customer changed for yesterday to today?

Security Breach: It's not if; it's not when; it's will you know
Cyber threats continue to evolve. If we thought "we took care of that", we need to think again. I want to know what threats are out there and how the bad guys capture my data. What data do I need to protect? How can I be sure that I'm protected? And how do I stay protected?

ORBiT Update
Attendees really enjoy the ORBiT updates, what we've done, and what's in the works. We always have a great discussion about what actions to take in the upcoming year. Before you arrive, please ponder this question as we'd love to hear your thoughts: What do you consider to be ORBiT's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?

Those are some of my burning questions. I encourage you to ask questions too! 

We look forward to seeing you,

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