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In the future, will brokers be solely the acquisition arm in the broker distribution channel?

By Wendy Watson, president of ORBiT Canada


In the future, will brokers be solely the acquisition arm in the broker distribution channel?

That's the question ORBiT will be exploring as we moderate the debate Blurring Lines: Who Does What in the Broker Distribution Ecosystem? at the first ever Broker Forum in Toronto on March 1st.


Our debaters include: an active and well-informed broker principal, an outside-the-box-thinking carrier representative, and a consumer expert. As a discussion involving opposing views, our debate will be respectful, passionate, diverse, and informed.


Our focus is on the consumer and how their needs and wants are evolving. Our industry needs to respond, but what will our new business model look like? Current and emerging technologies are factors to be considered. Will they simply enable our future or drive it forward? 


Change requires determination. Dramatic change requires innovation, risk-taking, drive, and passion. Innovation requires new ways of collaborating, servicing, marketing, selling and delivering value.


Who has the clearest crystal ball?


Agree or disagree, the objective is to bring more ideas and minds into discussing what is possible in our technology enabled future. Should be fun! We hope to see you there.

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