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My Expectations as a Panelist on 'Let's Ask a Carrier'

Guest Post by Bryan Bedford, Peel Mutual Insurance

Being a panelist on the Let's Ask a Carrier panel at ORBiT's Real Time Day brings with it a range of expectations. I expect to provide some insight on where we (Peel Mutual Insurance and the broader Ontario Mutual Association) stand on current trends, what risks we see and what opportunities we expect to pursue; I expect to engage in an open and honest dialog with both the fellow panelists as well as members of the audience. 

Last year's Let's Ask a Carrier panel definitely had some interesting back and forth discussion with widely varying viewpoints. This is your panel, and we want it to be driven by participant's questions and thoughts.
The rate of change in our industry is ever increasing and brings with it an endless number of questions and potential solutions. I look forward to hearing the scope of questions that the audience has one year on from our last session, coupled with a little bit of uneasiness in trying to foresee the direction. Bring your curveballs, but feel free to toss a few softball questions as well and we'll swing for the fences!

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