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– Wendy Watson

President, ORBiT Canada

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Real Time Day 2016 recap

By Wendy Watson, President of ORBiT Canada

Real Time Day 2016 has been put to bed and we want to say thanks for spending your day with us. We felt a real buzz in the room; people were engaged. Thanks to those who shared their feedback. You rated our topics, content, strategic insights and speakers as very good to excellent! We are so pleased you found value in the day you invested in your business.

If the number of emails requesting the video is any indication, the most valuable session seems to have been our keynote The Big 10: The Secret Digital Experience Strategies that Convert and Differentiate. People found it insightful, engaging, and very informative with lots of great tips. That is exactly what we were aiming for. I suspect this is one of those videos you will refer to frequently to boost your website’s usability. 


What I really appreciated were the panellists who volunteered their time and openly shared their knowledge and opinions. It isn’t easy to sit at the front of a room, ready to respond to whatever question gets lobbed in your direction. Thanks so much for contributing to our industry in such a personal way.


Our panel moderators are also volunteers. These are individuals who believe passionately in their topics and feel a real sense of responsibility to deliver a great experience to attendees. We very much appreciate their efforts.


As an organization, we’re asking our members to dedicate their time to push the Real Time initiative. I think we can agree that:


  • our industry needs Real Time
  • we believe in the principles of Real Time
  • time is running out for sitting on the fence about Real Time



Folks, it is the responsibility of each of us to work to make Real Time a reality! If you aren’t a member, become one. If you are a member, become active! We have lots of good stuff coming your way. Read it, share it, act on it!




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