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Top 5 ICTC Sessions for ORBiT Members

By Wendy Watson

Next week’s Technology Conference offers a variety of compelling sessions. Several revolve around customer experience. Here are five I think will be of particular interest to ORBiT members:


  1. Innovation Showcase: Startup Pitches
    This “show and tell” session will feature innovative startups in the insurance space, with features ranging from AI for fraud detection to robo-advisors, to on-demand travel insurance. Six separate products will be showcased. 

  2. Tackling The Customer Experience Challenge
    Technology is providing customers more knowledge, options, high quality and rapid service, and self-service. This sets an expectation level for insurance to meet. Examine key factors in customer experience, deliverables, tools and programs, and the question “did I succeed?”

  3. CX: Today's Reality and the Path Ahead for Insurance
    The customer is the center of attention in all industries and insurance certainly has its own set of challenges. In this, learn about operationalizing analytics in order to personalize communications and the reality of omni-channel communications today.

  4. Digital Transformation For Enhanced Customer Experience
    A vision for digital transformation should center on enhancing the customer experience. This presentation will outline a brokerage’s strategic plan and actions taken to-date, as well as provide a glimpse into the future of digital transformation.

    And finally…

  5. Insurance: Is It A People Business?
    On behalf of ORBiT, it’s my pleasure to moderate a panel of Ed Meiering (M2O, May McConville Omni Insurance Brokers), Dario Battista (isure), and Kathryn Curran (Economical Insurance). We will explore the nuanced relationship in insurance between people and technology. 


If you’ll be at the conference we hope you’ll say hi. Still need to register? ORBiT broker members receive a discount by using code ORBT1589.

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