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Usability a focus of Real Time Day

Today’s customers have very high expectation for their online interactions with companies. The expectations are set by dealings with the most successful (and well-funded) online site like Amazon, Facebook and YouTube. Today’s consumers have a very low tolerance for experiences that do not meet these standards. 

For instance, did you know that for every extra second it takes your webpage to load, about 5% of the visitors leave? Over 50% of visitors will leave most websites without ever going beyond the home page.

How can we delight such a demanding audience? 

Designing for “usability” has become an increasingly important factor; and usability means more than just ease of use. We have to enable customers to do what they want, when they want and in an effective, efficient and enjoyable way. A tall order!

Real Time Day tackles usability in-depth this year. The day opens with a keynote address by customer experience expert Tara O’Doherty. Then we present a panel “Usability is King”, for which we have assembled a team to help us tackle these issues.

Our panelists, who bring their expertise from multiple industries, include:

  • Tara O’Doherty, VP Customer Experience Strategy, Cossette Communications
  • Terry Constantino, Co-founder, Usability Matters
  • Newton Asare II, CEO, Client Desk
  • Adam Mitchell, President, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers

Join us to learn how to build usability into your online customer experience.

John Foreman,

Panel Moderator – Usability is King

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