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What's your information worth?

2015 Insurance-Canada.ca Executive Forum

By Doug Grant, Partner, Insurance-Canada.ca

So much is changing so quickly. In many cases technology is a contributing driver but it may also underpin an opportunity. Are you ready?

Access to information has become ubiquitous - what can't you find on the web? But if all information is there for your customers to read, has "information” lost its value? How does that change your value proposition as a broker to customers and prospects?

The volume of information, and the sheer number of communications we deal with present greater opportunity than ever. But the value may lie in a different dimension.


  • presenting only "relevant" information
  • providing it in a "preferred" manner
  • being sensitive to frequency
  • enabling engagement


Eileen Greene, VP at Hub, Bernard McNulty, Head of Claims at Allianz Global Canada and Brenda Rose, Technology Champion, IBAC and Partner, FCA Insurance Brokers all have strong ideas about how the new customer and the tools of communication may change the business. With Patrick Vice, Partner, Insurance-Canada.ca as moderator, this group will discuss how leading insurers, brokers, and non-insurance entities are planning changes to meet demands of this new generation of insurance clients. Hear their insights on the demands, the alternatives, and the consequences of doing something, and doing nothing. Help prepare your business for tomorrow.

General information is readily available; simple products are being commoditized. But other risks are becoming more complex due to increasing litigation and tighter regulation. Some businesses are eschewing the ‘everything to everybody’ approach and specializing. Develop a depth of knowledge, skills and processes. Become the "expert" and the "best in class" in a niche area.

This trend to specialty products is accelerating. With insurance expert Heather Masterson, President & CEO, Totten Insurance Group as moderator, Sean Murphy, President, Lloyd's Canada and Kareem Sandid, Chief Actuarial Officer, Totten Insurance Group will tackle this topic. They will expand on the drivers for growth in this channel, the skills necessary to serve this market, and the organizational and technological support required to underpin this dynamic community. What does it mean to you in 3, or 5 years?

The end-game of specialization could be the "componentization of Insurance". Join thought-leaders Jamie Rodgers, Global Insurance Lead, CGI; Jamie McDougall, VP, Gore Mutual; and Mike Fitzgerald, Senior Analyst for Insurance, Celent. They will discuss - debate - this possible impact of digital that has the potential to fundamentally change insurance product design, contracting, payment, distribution and a host of other aspects of how insurers will ply their trade in the future.

Where is your way forward? What role will you play? Learn more at the 2015 Insurance-Canada.ca Executive Forum - ICEF2015: “Emerging Threats and Opportunities” on Monday August 31 in Toronto.

Received 6hrs of RIBO credits in the Management category.

For details visit the Forum Overview. Take advantage of broker and insurer discounts. Register today. It will be an interesting day.

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