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For the benefit of our members, beginning January 2014, ORBiT is pleased to provide this partial directory of companies providing products and services to the Canadian broker ecosystem.

This directory is intended as a resource for brokers wishing to learn more about the solutions and services available to help them grow and operate their businesses.
For each company, click on Learn more for a more detailed description of their offerings.
Additional companies will be added on an ongoing basis.




The Insurance Broker's Insurance Broker


CG&B offers a complete line of asset protection for your brokerage. 


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How can your insurance company accelerate performance for profitable growth? 


Explore our insurance solutions, technology and consulting. We can help you make smart investments focusing on informed interactions, streamlined operations and enterprise resilience. 


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Expert • Broker • Innovation

Not just another BMS vendor.
A partner focused on you and the tools you need.

As an ORBiT Broker, we don't need to convince you that real time integrtion and automation is the way to go. You get it. So what do you need?


Policy Works is a commercial management system (CMS) – a software solution specifically designed to help brokerages automate and manage the complexities of commercial insurance. 


With Policy Works, your CSRs, Marketers, and Producers work as one unit. The result? Submissions that get quoted on first by your insurers and proposals that win more new business.


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