The Organization of Real Time Brokers Implementing Technology
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The Roadmap to Speed and Profitability

Real Time technology needs a boost in adoption rates to keep its momentum building. Welcome to an exciting new project by ORBiT, co-produced by IBAO, designed to empower and entice you to take the plunge. Our approach is 4-pronged: educate principals, provide set-up direction to admin, “show me” instructions for the front line, and how to redirect pleas for carrier underwriters/billing department.

Our first video is now available. Stay tuned to ORBiT as we roll out a complete series of helpful videos.

“Not using Real Time makes about as much sense as a basement apartment in Venice.”

The Dollars and Sense Behind the Journey to Real Time
Get an overview of the many benefits you'll experience by adopting Real Time in your office. Presented by Jeff Roy, Excalibur Insurance, and Adam Mitchell, Mitchell & Whale.

A rich suite of videos are coming soon to give Canadian insurance professionals a comprehensive view of Real Time. We present from four distinct points of view:


How-to instructions to perform

- Auto new business

- Property new business

- Password managment

- Policy inquiry

- Billing inquiry

- and more


How-to install Real Time functionality

- and more


The dollars and sense behind the journey to Real Time

- and more


How to encourage adoption

The savings Real Time brings you

- and more

Watch for more info coming soon on how you can bring the Real Time journey to your company.