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The Empowered Insurance Customer is Here to Stay!  Are You Ready? What Insurance Customers Want…And Why You Need to Give it To Them!


Customers will ALWAYS seek to maximize the value that they receive from the products and services that they purchase.  As insurance customer expectations continue to evolve rapidly, insurance providers must find ways to keep pace…or risk being left behind by innovative, forward looking, customer centric competitors.


In his keynote presentation from ORBiT's Education Days 2013, Bill Morris, a Senior Partner at Navicom Inc., shares important insights on the changing landscape both globally and closer to home in Ontario.  Bill also reviews the 2012 highlights of Ontario Broker Customer Engagement and Performance Reporting system that Navicom developed and manages for an increasing number of Ontario brokers.


Empowered insurance customers are indeed here to stay and successful brokerages are already taking steps to ensure that they are ready to compete and lead the way to superior value delivery.  Find out what you need to know to keep existing and potential customers engaged and loyal.

40 minutes.