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One of ORBiT's most important activities is the development of Best Practice Workflows (BPWs).  These are developed by teams of volunteers to address specific problem areas that are creating inefficiencies and delays for brokers.   
The goal of BPWs is to move us all closer to Real Time transactions between brokers and carriers.  However, in order to realize the potential benefits, the workflows must be implemented.  This usually requires coordinated activities between carriers and vendors.

Carriers and vendors have overflowing development programs, and while they support the need for more efficiency in the broker channel, they need to know that those workflows are a high priority for their brokers before committing resources.


The Lobby Centre is being introduced to help brokers tell their carriers and vendor(s) that the Best Practice Workflows are a priority for them.


We’re making this easy for you.  Below are draft Lobby Letters for you to send to your carriers and vendor(s) to express your support for the specific Best Practice Workflows (BPWs) that are important to you.

  1. Select the Best Practice Workflow (BPW) you want to promote.
  2. Download the Lobby Letter (Word document) and BPW (pdf).
  3. Address the Lobby Letter to your contacts (this could be the marketing rep, VP or CEO) at the insurance company(s), then add your usual signature and contact information.    
  4. Feel free to personalize the letter to better express your specific needs for the BPW.
  5. Save the Lobby Letter to your desktop or personal folder, however your office procedures dictate.
  6. Create an email to your insurance company/vendor contact(s) with a short note of explanation.
  7. Please cc 
  8. Select "read receipt" so that you are informed when the email has been received.
  9. Attach the Lobby Letter Word file.
  10. Attach the BPW pdf file.
  11. Hit Send
  12. Repeat for each carrier/vendor.

Who should you send a Lobby Letter to?

We recommend sending the Lobby Letter to whomever you have a relationship with at your carrier/vendor organization, in order to create greater awareness of your support for the BPW. This may include a marketing rep/broker relations manager, a senior underwriter, VP or CEO.   



Lobby Letters and Best Practice Workflows


BPW Specific Letter                                           BPW


Real Time Payments                                               pdf of BPW

New Business Quote & Bind                                  pdf of BPW

Commercial Lines Small Business Property        pdf of BPW

Electronic Document Transfer                                pdf of BPW


Note for more information on Best Practice Workflows, Working Groups and the vetting process, please visit About Us/Working Groups or the individual Working Group pages in the Members Section.