Crossing the Streams

It’s the golden rule of Ghostbustin’. Don’t cross the streams. It’s dangerous and frankly overkill for your daily run-of-the-mill Slimier-level tasks. But what about those Stay Puft-sized concerns?

On June 4th, we are hosting ORBiT Day: KYC It Starts Here. Our theme of KYC (Know your Customer) should be top of mind for all stakeholders in our distribution channel. While prior education days focused on Real Time workflows and efficiencies, website ease of use and functionality, and customer self-service, this year we’re peeling back the onion and getting to the root of it all: our customers.

What does all of the information we have tell us about their current needs? Their future needs? What moves them to choose us in the first place? And then stay with us? Do we have a clear picture of the experience we deliver?

You’ve heard the adage: only 2% of the people who hear a good idea will implement it for long-term results. We admire these 2%ers for their successes, not in spite of their actions – or inactions – but because of them.

We program ORBiT Day with two specific streams: strategic and operational to embed our education deeper, enhancing your opportunity to be a 2%er.

Strategic Stream

The strategic stream is intended for business owners and executives – the first-in-commands. All of our businesses are, or should be, in a digital transformation. Our keynote speaker sets the stage by sharing we can thrive during our transformation.

All of the sessions in this stream are about the information you have or have available on your customer (personal, commercial or financial services), what you can glean from that data, and the many ways you can use it to effectively reach out when it matters (about issues that matter and drive loyalty and have a positive impact on your customer). As an added benefit, we’ve invited Neil Huzinga from across the pond to cast a broader light on the topic!

Many of the discussions will raise awareness on the rich data that you have, or could have, at your fingertips. It could come from your BMS, CMS, carriers, website, or an outside organization. One thing there isn’t is a lack of available information.

We wrap up this stream with a carrier panel. A highlight every year, our topic this time is the information broker and carrier partners have on their shared customers. We believe that opportunities abound for both to benefit from the sharing of this information. It’ll make for a lively conversation!

Operational Stream

The operational stream is intended for front-line managers, leaders, and staff – those who are typically the implementers of ideas within your organization.

I’ve attended several conferences with panels and discussions on “data”. When I look across the room I see many faces that seem to say “what on earth are they talking about?” We through the word “data” around like it had only one meaning, when in fact, it doesn’t. So we’re kicking off this stream with a level set: when we say “data” what exactly do we mean? Why is it important and what can you do with it? All in relation to knowing your customer better and delivering a better experience.

Have you defined the journey you want your prospects or customers to experience when they visit you online, in the office, over the phone, or via email/mail/text? In my experience very few businesses have. But it is critical. We’re tackling this one together to give you a framework to take back to the office.

We’re also creating time for you to spend with your BMS/CMS vendor to get the information and guidance you need to find that information in your system, get at it and then act on it.

My love is operations, so I am really excited about how much more empowered you will be at the end of the day!

Crossing the streams

Sometimes you gotta cross both strategic and operational disciplines to embrace ambitious initiatives. Just like sometimes you gotta cross your proton-pack streams to take on giant marshmallow men. For BIG results, you gotta cross the streams.